Geraldine Green, 04/12


bends time with her teeth
unpicks cactus  flowers
uses their spines to sew
her songs to the desert.
hears  conversations among coyotes
sits in the fire pits all night long shaking
sand from her intimate oasis
the holy woman broods on god
tells him  that his ideas don’t work
his ideas all to pot his ideas just no
good any  more! what this earth needs
she says is a night of fallen pomegranates
it  needs new ponies needs food for pilgrims
she sits and muses by her adobe  hut
arizona woman
this  desert holy woman
the holy desert  is woman
arizona hot and holy in silence
sits woman
in the desert
in the song
she is desert
in arizona

her dance  moves mountains
devils pitchfork
themselves into her lap
she sits by  her fire pit
sewing leaves for her wedding
to the mountain lion
cactus  spines know her

her hands  shape themselves into birds
between her fingers sits the desert’s hymn

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