Alisha Erin Hillam, October 2013

Thursday we called on Mrs Biven

& later went
to the conference house where we saw a mob
in front of the building. They hissed
& shouted at us, & after we were in
rocks were thrown thick & fast
in the windows
until not a glass
remained in the house. Ray finally
took us girls home, but the mob threw
rocks & mud & sticks at us
all the way to the police station
opposite Trinity church.
The chief police went to our home
with us. Soon after
we were safely home Sister Clark called
then Mrs Roll & Miss.
A little later Bro Haddock called in disguise
to see if we were all right. I answered the door
& did not know him
his query was
“Do Mormons live ‘ere?”

Missionary diary, January 19, 1899, England

In Defense of Lard

Tight hips seem to be a common problem
for almost everyone.
Give this area a little extra love:
this gak is super easy and fun to make.
You’ll feel like you woke up
in a charming country when you
watch colors appear on your goop concoction
without adding food colors or paint.
I am not kidding when I say this is
to die for, tiger. Love the thick
horizontal stripes. Layered.
It’s just burgundy and lace.
DIY paperweights.
The dead skin will practically wipe off.
Add some googly eyes.
I love the lighting.

From pin captions on Pinterest, September 12, 2013




Alisha Erin Hillam grew up outside of a small Indiana town. Now she is a freelance writer drying out in Arizona with her husband and two ankle-biters. She is the recipient of several literary awards from Purdue University and, in addition to five published or forthcoming book chapters, her work has appeared in Inscape, decomP, Corium Magazine, Prick of the Spindle, Architrave Press,and The Monongahela Review.

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