Jariah Ghost, Summer 2017

…together I…

guided mind may melt
from the fires of my fever’s hatred
mindless moments gifted
on an altar to the day
gray made understandings i have
of beating with fists
my meaning into dying
dreamless pushers of pale perceptions
hating the dreary intentions
i have of bleary eyed dedication
to the problems of the day
a distorted hearted vision
i have of people being consumed
by a black twisting mass
spiral nebula i am
and a sphere to hold my ideals
my ideas bleed from me forming
into pools of thoughts shattered
from lack of sleep
need to dream clean haloed understandings
instead of darkened mindstates
created by a thought i killed
not an hour before
of death and darkness
for some unnamed whore
adore the direction
i ignore your intentions
choking the life
from a mindless reflection
i had as i resurrected these words
of absurd interactions
forced on me
the same as my shadow follows
allow me peace from haunted hatred
i have or have not shown
for i alone can find my home a hell
i have to leave the world
and my soul is formed of fire
water finds me when i thirst
the earth births for flowers
while the air fills
with thoughts of my freedom
a slave driven understanding
is where i find myself
now I devour my pain
so as to make it rain.


…fearing my delirium…


sorting through my delirium
will cause fire
for i fall into this mindless epiphany
of an existence with less then faith blind
i find science cures the wicked worded
intentions of my found direction
leaving pools of blood from my love
i have for gray made days
of absymal mindlessness
explored through the doors
of mentally created castles
of the mind to find
magic a bleary sort of inibriation
to fall upon my hollow dreams
i could have had
i laugh like liquid from the sky
and die when she shuts her eyes
a vision of haunted hatred
finds knives in pools of blood
within a burning forest
dearest door of perception
i hope you have faith
in my newest resurrection
as lessons include
destruction without motivation
drama without karma
i hate most of the graves
in this graveyard where i am chained
making a memory
from nothing but
the light i collected
blessed by angels
blessed by demons
i scream into mirrors that appear
to find my dead happiness
to bleed from wolfish teeth
when i was to eat a faith
that hung from a black tree
white light night time mind
i am a nocturnal nightmare
caring about nothing more
then my heart beating
in this season of oh so much change
with a blade i go to sleep
to kill the force fed dreams
i have found i was made to believe
and breathe these needs everyday
as a seed to plant this garden
i find in am in starving.


Jariah is a poet and visual artist who has had poetry and art in 1000th Monkey, a zine from the Outsider Writers Collective, Full of Crow, Arterialize, Corporeal Flux and more. 

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