J de Salvo, 10/12

The Art of Small Talk

Good to see you
I’ve really got to be going

It’s not that there’s
Anything I have to do
But this just isn’t working out

What you’re saying,
Everything you’re saying
I agree, and that’s all that need be

Said, I don’t talk about myself
Anymore, or anything else
I don’t bring things up

I just nod my head
I’ve lost the art of
Small talk, I can’t breathe

As easily as I’d like
To be able to
I’ve been silent too long

I only think like this
Lately, like a poem,
Like, not very often

Everything sounds the same
Everything looks the same
“It’s not you, it’s me”

Everything is equal
I want for nothing,
I take what comes in

I wish I had gotten better
Sooner, on time for this
I looked forward to it

It showed so much promise
But in the end
I just wasn’t up to it

Promote. Poetry.
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