Joel Schueler, Summer 2017

Alan’s Ruse


Bespectacled and cactus-prickled
Dust forms with formulaic consuetude.
To be affected, to ripen selves would pay it no end.
Only Alan and his ruse are the now.
Alan didn’t know, Alan didn’t see.
Alan is everything you ought to know about
– If everyone thought this how then would he be?
Dead like the door at which he scratched and whispered!!
Housed with termites, the sod at the deep-end shallows carries as it shrinks.
Coy in glow, he turned out
Never in.




Joel lives in Wiltshire, England and has had eight works published in six places, namely The Aberystwyth Writing Project, Atlantean Publishing, Inclement Publishing, Down In The Dirt, Apollo’s Lyre and The Dawntreader. He is working on his first novel.

Promote. Poetry.
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