John Yohe, October 2013

If I made popcorn

If I made popcorn would you stay and watch
this samurai movie I’ve been saving for a special
occasion, because time is small, in the same way
that a samurai has two swords, a big one and a small
………..I was thinking of you last August. I was
also thinking of you at New Year’s. Did you ever get
that bass solo? I didn’t. But the ash that
covered my Honda that morning made me wonder
if you had something you wanted to say to that girl
we saw on the Demon Drop, with the penny on
her thigh. I remember vaguely you asking if
I thought driving without shoes was illegal, but
I can’t remember which National Forest we camped
in on our way back east, because by then
the music had come back on, loud, a short in the
wiring perhaps, though to be honest, I think
we weren’t, very, or not enough to make it
work, and I do get motion sickness badly, so
I wasn’t able to concentrate when you said she
said that mad cow disease was already in the
United States, though after that all I remember is
your underwear hanging from my rear-view mirror and the
truckers’ reactions when we passed them, and your
reaction when I told you that you were beautiful,
before I even knew you, in the computer lab
wearing that dorky baseball cap.

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