Jonathan Gibbs, 10/12

Windowless Afternoon

standing up on a windowless afternoon can
be devastating if not warned about UV rays
dismantling effects.
sunblock tarnishes my mid-day mood with
more chemicals,
always more chemicals.
where once farmland cultivation took place with
work-mans bliss in nature,
litter everywhere I walk.
keep eyes on ground,
broken glass a
worse enemy than
UV rays,
instant bad karma,a
bloody foot print as proof of
societies progress.
One has to wonder what the Dodo would of thought
about its surroundings.


Jonathan Gibbs is a writer, musician and sometimes visual artist living in Austin, TX. Originally hailing from Ohio, he moved eight years go down to the Lone Star State with his now defunct band ‘The Story Of’. He has been published by Fortunates, Haiku Journal and is awaiting responses from many other fine journals.

Promote. Poetry.
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