Ken Poyner, July 2013



He begins to think


That forgiveness is more

Than just a memory location

Erased.  Perhaps

There is something to keeping,

At least in secondary storage,

The log of a malfunction,

The analytical intensity

Of its final resolution,

The address reference to recovering

The chain of events that

In turn

Can be used

To upgrade operating tolerances,


Though it won’t be.



Ken Poyner lives in the lower right hand corner of Virginia , with his power-lifter wife and a number of house animals.  His 2013 e-book, “Constant Animals”, 42 brief but unruly fictions, is available at all the various e-book sites, and you should go buy it so he does not have to haunt you.  Recent work is out in Corium, Analog Science Fiction, Spittoon, Poet Lore, Mobius and many other places.



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