Lewis C. Coleman

Death of a Hero

The whip-crack of the thread, the
pin snapped like a rib
and we saw the cloud for miles, billowing
like pipe smoke trapped
in the big, beat-up Black Country.

Some reached for the top shelf book
expecting a hollow hiding place but
most threw stones at the goof in the bullet-proof house;
besides, the buck-toofed lay told
us the troof – and the gallows-maker lives on.

A year gone, the tears turn to wine,
(after all, we
toppled the bronze, a whip-snap of the rope)
and the crowd grows and smiles, bubbling
like a bath bomb in the drip-tray.

The hero’s limbs rotting in the wooden box
on silk in the mud of the Black Country.




Lewis C Coleman lives in Burnham-on-Sea, UK. He has previously been published in Everyday Weirdness Magazine, Camroc Press, Calliope Nerve, The Changing Times and Heavy Bear (under the pseudonym, Michael C Lewis).

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