Michael D. Goscinski, 01/12

Creative Poetry 101

a friend of mine
thinks highly of my stuff
he tells me
once I get it out there
a couple of collections under my belt
I could be a visiting professor
at a university
teach creative poetry
stand there
talk about Frost
and Dickinson
I could use obscure words
like enjambment
and wow the students
with my vocabulary
luckily for them
I’m not washed up yet
and I don’t care about money
so it’ll be a while
before I fuck up their poetry


The Dare

in a cloud
of soft snow
staring at a pole
the wind howled
a double dog dare
before he could react
a triple dog dare
turned the cocoons
in his stomach to butterflies
he put out his tongue
and leaned forward
stuck to the pole
and no matter
how hard he tried
couldn’t free himself
from love



I sharpen the blades
on the steel surrounding my heart
to cut out the feeling of loss
the sun reflects off of the ocean
in a glimmer of memories
as we lay her to rest
I watch her
in the bay
it slowly swallows her
along with the pain
not only hers
but mine as well
she is at peace
Promote. Poetry.
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