Nancy Davenport

Steal my Face (He’s Gone)


I have been left in
an empty nest;

With only dust,
an eagle feather,

a flat tire, and a
dried tear left,

I decide to take
down Mom’s

old Diebenkorn
and start over.


Tim on Ice


ice cubes

a glass of ice cubes
making music

i’ve placed some ice
it melts on
the heat of
inner thighs

I lick at




and he sings a song

Nancy Davenport was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area; in her lifetime she has been a legal secretary, a yoga instructor, a barista, a hamburger-chef, and has worked at the Palo Alto Chapter of the American Red Cross. Nancy chose to seriously pursue writing again when she found herself a bit bored and lonely in her 40’s when forced to go on full disability. Her poems have appeared in The Burning Grape, The Mountain Gazette, Red Fez, Twisted Tungz, and The Bicycle Review. Nancy gave five readings in 2012, quickly becoming a presence in the Bay Area literary scene.
Nancy’s favorite quotation is one of Samuel Beckett: “Try again. Fail. Fail again. Fail better.”

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