Neil Fulwood, July 2013

Cat Piss Blues

I’m on my third beer

and listening to a scratchy whorl of vinyl,

a Mississippi delta blues singer

moaning his way through a checklist

of sorrows, mainly relating

to the woman who done him wrong.


Additionally, he ain’t got no friends.

The bank gonna foreclose. Devil

got his soul in hock for an old guitar.

Dude hasn’t mentioned it yet,

but I strongly suspect his dog is dead.

This morning, removing the car cover

after a night without rain,

my hands were wet and sourly scented.

My woman is faithful, my friends are true,

I’m up to date with the mortgage

and I never waited by the crossroads

at midnight. I don’t have a dog.

As a result of the latter, my neighbour’s cat

marked out my driveway.

It woke up this morning, no hellhound

on its trail, woke up this morning,

no hellhound on its trail,

pissed on my car and wandered off.

Cursory flick of the tail.



Neil Fulwood is the author of ‘The Films of Sam Peckinpah’ and runs film review blog Agitation of the Mind ( He’s a member of the Alan Sillitoe Committee, who are raising funds towards a permanent memorial to be sited in Alan’s home town of Nottingham, UK. Neil co-designed their website



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