Newamba Flamingo, 7/12

Dead in America

done spent my socialized security

done shit in my hand
done wore a trench coat
and sucked off a zombie near my grave
done forcefed my prison break
w/your voodoo dolls and psy-ops
got your cyclops

basking in an Indian summer of Israeli prisons
got your hind legs kicked up
drinking blood in the 9th Ward
sending your vampires on crusades
sending your STDs to Iran
got your drone attacks, panic attacks, ADD
Ginsbergian werewolves on Wall Street

3 titted movie stars

Newt Gingrich auto-erotic asphyxiation

got your epileptic Mormons on pogo sticks

stomping on Mitt Romney’s dog

plotting killing sprees

amputees and MTV pay per view abortions
got your football games, ladyboys w/steroid penises,

Roger Clemens naked on somebody’s front lawn


Bigfoot is real


Bigfoot telling “yo mama” jokes


got your 10 million children left behind

obesity machines for food poisoning

diarrhea rainbows and Ouija boards for air traffic controllers
got your cosmic hip hop hitchhikers
pushing gangbangers in wheelchairs down escalators
got your IRS audits, proctology, 3AM robocalls asking
“when was the last time you had anal sex w/your mother?”

got your UFO abductees, Santa Ana winds,

dildos and gay marriage proposals,

Elvis’s ghost and pay toilet poets doing the Jimmy Hoffa

got your Neo-Nazis and Tibetan monks,

9/11 rain dances and Hitler aerobics in the Potala Palace
got your Mexican corpses, desert sun, tornado bait
Facebook addicted androids with mohawks

shedding crocodile tears
mock outrage for the school shooting
got your profitable prisons, food stamps, foreclosures
random rapists roaming the streets of Baltimore
with clipboards and three piece suits
with stolen kidneys and demons in the church
with televised telepathy, missing teeth, and jorts
and unkosher sacrifices to the Walmart gods

got your narcissistic renderings
suicide bombers seeking Ambien in synagogues
Skeletor Republicans seeking pay phones in abandoned subways,
quoting scripture in airport bathrooms
got your text messages from the uterus of tomorrow
pledging allegiance to an idealistic want…
like Thomas Jefferson in a minstrel show
like George Washington’s teeth
like sperm on a blue dress
like spit on George Bush’s pretzel

one nation, under God, under chopsticks
under untelevised flags of coffins

with its pubic hair on fire

with its liberty

on the outside looking in

through a one way mirror

Promote. Poetry.
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