R. Gerry Fabian, October 2013

Second Chance

The slow rain
is a woman
once lost.
In the midst
of a most female Spring
she returns
spilling her essence
without any comment
as to her previous behavior.
Even before
the earth revives,
my cold winter oaths
desert me.

I find myself
unlatching the door
and once again
I laugh
with her lightning bolts
late into the evening.


Seance Love


I want
to be
your lover
for more
than just


Too Damn Late


to get any more done.
The mind urges progress
but the body falters.
Fingers cramp and eyelids droop.
The end is in sight
and brain cells bounce
with a sense of completion.

It won’t be the same

This cosmic, magic flow
will be gone.
It is too special to stop,
it’s just ….


R. Gerry Fabian is a retired English instructor and editor of Raw Dog Press. New web page address. http://www.rawdogpress.freesite2you.com/index.php

He has published in various little and literary magazines since 1970.
He is currently working on a set of new poetry.

Promote. Poetry.
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