R.T. Castleberry, 10/12

The Feminine Scale

Fall’s arrival–
the wind rise snaps flags, tree limbs,
newspaper pages in my hands.
I see her stroll to me, coat-bound,
hair back and shimmering silver under the moon.
A scarf, loose folds of ginger and teal,
follows wildly as she moves.

We started as lovers.
Age and kinks and culture gaps ended that.
You fuck like my ex-, she said,
and it was done.
So we’re friends–
partners in license, in appetite,
in dramas with no demands.

At dinner, at conversation’s hedge,
I watch her thin brown hands,
fingertips sensual along
crystal stem, inlays of a jade bangle.
I know her daughter, her single malt Scotch,
the married men she travels with.
And what she knows of me
is locked in a greeting smile,
iridescent, feral, furious.



R.T. Castleberry: My work has appeared in Comstock Review, Green Mountains Review, Santa Fe Literary Review, The Alembic, Pacific Review, RiverSedge and Caveat Lector, among other journals. Co-founder of the Flying Dutchman Writers Troupe, co-editor/publisher of the poetry magazine Curbside Review, an assistant editor for Lily Poetry Review and Ardent. My work has been featured in the anthologies Travois-An Anthology of Texas Poetry, TimeSlice and The Weight of Addition. My chapbook, Arriving At The Riverside, was published by Finishing Line Press in January, 2010. An e-book, Dialogue and Appetite, was published by Right Hand Pointing in May, 2011.

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