Ross Vassilev, Summer 2017

radiation oranges


if I am filled
with hate

it is
has given me
much reason
to hate

I still feel it
when it’s
a beautiful day

and I am still
of learning
from my mistakes

and I am still
filled with

perhaps more so
than most …

perhaps things
will get better
going forward

stranger things
have happened

so long as
we don’t lose our way
any further
and no one pushes
the nuclear button….


the homeless of New York


I remember them all
the homeless of New York

black, white, men, women

the men leaning up against walls
holding out styrofoam cups

I always gave a dollar to one or another
of them
and they would always say
thank you, sir and I was only 12

I remember the woman
who was lying in front of our door
I had to step over her—
what else could I do?

there was the one guy
who was so hungry he was crying

see, the powers that be
want it this way
cuz it’s good for their
bottom line

we’re all caught in this world
they’ve created
and maybe there ain’t enough
or maybe there ain’t enough
money to go around
with the 1% hogging it all

a fine world this is
where some are left with
no home, no hope,
not even enough food to eat.

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