Rus Khomutoff, Summer 2017

Sensual savant


Crystal moth
that lexes the limbs of an idea
circumlocutory thoughts
hothouse prospects
that speed the salutations
orval lofts
the reclamation of electric orthodoxy
and the errancy of the void



Grand Hotel Abyss


Selenophilia of our being
the obscuring of the queen
vexed in your hollow divine
incipience of the notable nonesuch
like fragrant paperwhites in the
corner of the transcendental frame
pleasure ground of annulled pretext
in hysterically real daymares
everyday extraordinary
grand hotel abyss



Materiality and time


I want to drink it’s crystal blue oblivion
To be forever; but never to have been
Jorge Luis Borges


Forever arriving a terminus of years
contours and hidden spheres
dangerous perceptions as
kalopsia of the sublime moment
the sequestered valves of life
deprogrammers of orphic supernova
periphery and province



The tarnished mirror


We have come a long way from meanings
in the nevertheless empire
the administration of the sensible
and the irreversible noise of fervor
unleashed marvels of a bygone nix
capital of remorse
the tarnished mirror


Chronic city


Sacred heart
sacred flow
prancing trigger warning
like an affirming flame
these instructions that accumulate meaning
the guidance of synchronicity
relentless remainders
on the platform of disquiet
the office of rumored immortality



Rus Khomutoff is a neo-surrealist poet in Brooklyn, NY. His poetry
has been featured in Erbacce, Uut Poetry, Poethead, Fifth Day Journal and Burning House Press.
Last year, he self published an ebook called Immaculate Days. Follow him on twitter at @rusdaboss.

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