T. Trowbridge, October 2013

Coyote Leukocyte

The coyote population of the world is at an all-time high.
This is because coyotes are part of cities.
The urban bodies grow massive, plump,
apartments ripen with people, rural routes extend across the dirt,
and people carry plagues that sicken cities,
so the cities create an immune system.

Cities create coyotes.
Coyotes are part of the immune system
that kept Niagara Falls healthy.

Buenos Aires suffered cholera,
but coyotes ate our rats.

Thunder Bay has the Hanta Virus,
but coyotes eat our mice.

Cairo has the West Nile Virus,
but coyotes eat slowed birds.

Raccoons bring rabies into Toronto attics,
but coyotes account for less than one percent of Ontario’s rabies cases
over the last forty years.

Scourges of groundhogs devour crops,
but not in coyote Niagara.

Sydney almost starved from rabbits,
but coyotes welcome a warm season.

Our creeks will not choke
with suckerfish and water snakes.

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