Terri Deno, 7/12

Tuesday Morning Hangover

It was cold as Hell outside
The wind bit my skin
You said it’s not bad—
But you don’t know.
I wrapped my arms around myself
Until we made it there
The only comfort came
From the bottom of this bottle
The Gentleman you were
Asked the Lady if she wanted another
Maybe she can erase the memory
Put a bandage on your broken heart
Not that night
Though you were well on your way
Turning rationalizations into fantasies
But it is nothing I choose to hear
We took another walk through the bitter cold
My skin, no longer committed to the job
Left it up to someone else
Someone that didn’t exist
Chill and heartache followed us like a storm cloud
A levy, ready to separate
One and one and one
For us is still only two
It’s there, I promise you
Hiding in the dark corners
Dancing for the Shadows
Lying below the morning light
Terri Deno is a freelance and web content writer living and working in Indiana. She is a graduate of Ball State University. Her work has previously appeared in The Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 1.
Promote. Poetry.
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