Walter Ruhlmann, April 2014

The Gods They Have


Antique road – paganism converted me.
Apollo’s chest sacred to profane eyes –
surely the gods in Greece lusted the crowd
into the worst mischievous jests.

Pan’s vineyard – a haven for the rogues,
luxurious brethren, hoofed satyrs,
unchaste nymphs undressing in the sun,
Zeus himself didn’t resist their call.

My mind is full of mysteries, these lores –
ancient and founding myths, carving
the very heathendom I have always cherished.

A tribute to an age – golden times
deleted by zealous worshippers
castrating the heroes, imprisoning beauties.



Walter Ruhlmann works as an English teacher, edits mgversion2>datura and runs mgv2>publishing. His latest collections are Maore published by Lapwing Publications, UK, 2013 and Carmine Carnival published by Lazarus Media, USA, 2013. The Year the World Ended… Not coming up 2014 through Robocup Press.
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