Paul-Victor Winters, October 2013

The Taking of a City

Because one religion works to defeat another. Because it is not the nature of the State to allow others. Rubble. Something that was once a marketplace. Partial wall of a partition, roads that lead only to rock piles. Because one has bronze and the other has iron. A field of horse bones. A grand staircase attached to nothing. Dog carcasses in a mound, near the skeleton of a church, shard of stained glass scattered about the dry soil. Because one archduke insulted another. Because one Emir went syphilitic and land-hungry. A falconer’s empty coop, empty carts missing wheels, old women living in abandoned goat stalls. Because it’s what we do. Because it is the Lenten season. Soldiers marching the main road, some without shoes. Rat hoards. Because strength is weakness. And for the sake of posterity. And for the hell of it.


Promote. Poetry.
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