Currently accepting submissions of poetry for Full Of Crow’s Quarterly Poetry issues. We welcome emerging and experienced poets, 1-3 poems at a time. We will consider previously published poems but prefer unpublished. We ask that you provide the previous publisher so we can include a credit. We also ask that you do the same for us in the future. Your mention helps us connect with new poets, which helps us be more inclusive. We like to hear about how you found us. We also like to hear about what you are doing.

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These guidelines pertain to Full Of Crow Poetry, only. Other sections have their own guidelines. They can be viewed in their respective sections.


Poetry Submissions:

Full Of Crow Submissions

Submissions Open 2016

Poetry: Elynn Alexander, at

*Please send poems in the body of an email or an attached document. Note that it can be difficult for us to format things to appear exactly as intended even when they are sent in a document. Different browsers display things differently, and this is an ongoing challenge with web and device presentation. Please consider sending basic lines vs. lines that form specific shapes.

*Please indicate that the submission is for Full of Crow Poetry, and include a name in the subject line of your email.  Please include the bio that you would like to have included if your work appears and make note of any name preferences. A bio is optional. If you include it, it will be added after the poems on your page. If you do not include one, that is fine.

*Please remember that we post quarterly and because of this schedule, we cannot respond quickly. We don’t want to fill up the issue and discriminate against those who submit closer to the deadline, so we might delay decisions in an effort to be fair.

* Rights belong to the contributors.

*Photos or additional materials should be sent to Elynn Alexander (Lynn): Please explain what you are sending, such as “Hoping this photo can be on the page” or “this is a vispo image submission”.

Black and white photography, with permission or in the public domain.

We are no longer listed at Duotrope due to our hiatus. Yeah. Sorry.


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