"To talk on and on". "Meandering". Bring It.


Prate: To go on and on. Meandering, talking at length. 

We say, “bring it.” We want to hear it here. We want to read your tangents, your indulgences,  and we want to hear about your love of Bing Crosby in December. We want to know why you do what you do and who you are behind the work, and what we see. We want you to go in your own directions. We think interviews are best when the subjects take us on the ride.

The PRATE Interviews Series is a section of Full of Crow that features interviews with writers, poets, artists, independent publishers, activists, musicians- people from diverse backgrounds talking about who they are behind their work, in their own words. The responses appear as given. Length is not our concern. If it is yours, then skim.

The PRATE Interviews Series section is organized by Lynn Alexander, with other contributors. We will consider submitted interviews, but please inquire first. Please have an understanding of our style. And while we love to promote the projects and we want to hear about them, remember that these interviews are about people.  Tell us something that we don’t know about you. 

About PRATE Interviews Series @ Full Of Crow  : Where It Fits

The simple answer is that it fits because we enjoy doing it. It fits because we say it fits.

Full Of Crow has evolved into a labyrinth of sections, projects, and publications over the years, all contributing in some way to our mission of exploring and celebrating the work and creative talent of the independent press.

The PRATE Interviews Series is an important part because we can explore the person behind the work, and give the subjects an opportunity to tell their story. PRATE is a spotlight, and can include links, photos, video, audio, and more. We do interviews with written correspondence, in person, and with audio.


Please feel free to contact us with questions, feedback, or for more information.

You can also suggest potential targets subjects. Get in touch.