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Josh Cicci

Artist and comedian Josh Cicci, interviewed by Aleathia Drehmer for PRATE. Mostly self trained, Joshua is a published artist/illustrator. His work has been featured in the Connection newspaper and you can see “The Prickly Pair” comic strip running monthly in the Tubac Villager.

AD:  What were your favorite cartoons and comics as a kid?  What really planted the bug in you to want to start drawing?

Josh Cicci:  I can’t recall the exact age, but when I was about 6 or 7ish I cut the tips of my two middle fingers off on a family camping trip (funny story, you had taught me earlier in the week or so what the middle fingers mean, when we found a carved-wooden middle-finger by meme’s shed). Continue Reading…

Posted 6 years, 7 months ago.

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Brian Beatty

Brian Beatty’s business card reads “Writer. Comedian. Dude with a beard.” He’s also worked as a busboy, a janitor and a bookstore manager. Brian grew up in Brazil, Indiana, where there was no carnivale, but the locals did all kind of look like carnies. When he’s not writing, performing or combing his profuse facial hair, he’s probably out walking his dog Hurley. Or he might be compiling another mildly funny list. Interviewed by Peter Schwartz.


PS: You’ve done a lot of stuff in your thirty-nine years, Mr. Beatty.  Maybe you could start off by telling our good readers about some of your interests and accomplishments in this life cycle of you as an intelligent, handsome, bearded gentleman?

BB: My interests are varied, but mostly I’m into writing, comedy, music and the visual arts. I spend a lot of time hiking and camping with my girlfriend and our dog. I’ve never tried my hand at painting or sculpture, but I’ve given everything else I’m interested in at least a cursory go because I’ve always considered hands-on experience the best way to learn. Continue Reading…

Posted 7 years, 8 months ago.

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