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Robert Chrysler

Update: Robert Chrysler is no longer with us, but we want to continue to share this interview that contains his own words. He is missed by many. 

Robert Chrysler is an inspired subway-ranter from Toronto, Canada. He enjoys challenging capitalist property relations, trying to figure out what the post-structuralists are going on about, and dreams of someday living in a tree. 

LA: What’s constant? In other words, is there anything that seems consistent for you right now?

RC: Unfortunately, the only constant in my life is my continued marginalization, living on the fringes of society. I used to think that I could still at some point work hard and fight my way back towards some degree of normalcy or the everyday domestication that most people experience. I don’t any longer. I am too old to spend my time at menial, backbreaking labour that leaves me with no time or energy to pursue the things that really mean anything to me and never get me ahead anyway. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll probably be destitute and homeless, living in shelters and whatnot, for the rest of my days. I plan on making the best of it, however. Continue Reading…

Posted 7 years, 9 months ago.

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Bill Blackolive

Bill Blackolive

Bill Blackolive

Wild Bill Blackolive has been an outlaw folk writer since the sixties. His memoir, The Emeryville War, chronicles his life “on the fringe of Berkeley in the 1980’s…Wild Bill, who lives in a backyard in his broke-down car with his barbells and a litter of pit bulls.” (ULA)
I crossed paths with Bill and his daughter Madrea through the Guild Of Outsider Writers, and after reading Emeryville, I knew he was somebody I needed to interview!-Lynn Alexander

L.A. What are you interested in doing these days? What are you involved with? Plans?

B.B. I look after my 89 year old mother from one pm till seven thirty am when the good helper woman, Janet, comes.

Firstly after coffee and silly Corpus Christi newspaper then stretches, I take the two dogs I have currently out for an hour, bike or walking, depending on injuries, have an old bad back (visit a chiropractor lately but once in five weeks) and a few months ago I cracked my left kneecap which has caused complication. I next soon had cracked my left big toe with a fifty pound dumbbell, when the knee had suddenly buckled more complications for months now, and lately I am using a bicycle. We live just out of little Aransas Pass, a lot of trailers, some crank labs and maniacs driving insanely in the night but this is an easy enough environment for me and the dogs, and my mother’s yard is fenced. With dogs, I wave at all motorists, be they hostile or what, and thus it is for years here and the motorists just about all wave now, friendly or not, many very friendly. Continue Reading…

Posted 8 years ago.

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