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Sherry Thompson

JM Reinbold of the Written Remains Writers Guild interviewing Sherry Thompson, author of the recently published epic high fantasy, sword and sorcery Earthbow.

JM Reinbold: Hi, Sherry! Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Sherry Thompson: I’m in my sixties, retired, and fairly unconventional. Storytelling is my second career but my first love.

I’m servant to two cats. Khiva, the seal-point Siamese was considered unadoptable by her breeder–terrified of all humans–but we’re good buddies now. Vartha is a black foundling with some Maine Coon mixed in. She’s no longer a kitten but she still acts like one. She’s goofy over cardboard boxes. Khiva comes and tells me when Vartha is misbehaving. Continue Reading…

Posted 7 years ago.

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