Full Of Crow Poetry April 2016








Full Of Crow 2.0- Quarterly Poetry, April 2016.
ISSN #2157-3549







Featured Poets:

Clara B. Jones, Jeff Bagato and Bill Gainer


This issue presents poetry from the following contributors:

Roberta Verdant

Cleveland Wall

Olajide Vincent Ajise

B. Diehl

Sarah Frances Moran 

John Swain

Kai Coggin

Michael N. Thompson

Juliet Cook

Glen Armstrong

John Sweet

Wanda Morrow Clevenger

Bill Yarrow

Richard Schnap

Marc Carver 

J de Salvo

Jason Constantine Ford

Arindam Banerjee

A.S. Coomer

Alan Garfoot

Andrew Taylor

Janet Guastavino

Anick Roschi

Scott Thomas Outlar

Joanna Grant

Gary Beck

Joseph Ellison Brockway

Seth Jani

Nathan Tompkins

Howie Good 

Ben Newell

Gregg Dotoli

Lily Tierney





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