Full Of Crow Poetry, October 2012

ISSN #2157-3549

We welcome the following poets below, and are pleased to present their work here. This issue brings together poets from all over the world, with a variety of styles. It is our largest issue to date, “Poetically robust”- and I am confident that readers will find poets that are known and new, from many different walks of life. Thank you, as always, to our contributors and supporters. ~ Lynn Alexander, Full Of Crow Press.


Tony Pena

Iain Britton

Seamas Carraher

James Valvis

Ric Carfagna

Dale Wilsey Jr.

Sonnet Mondal

Nicole Taylor

Laurie Kolp

John Grochalski

Marc Carver

Brandon K. Brock

Kate LaDew

Sparkplug O’Shea

Danny Earl Simmons

John Grey

Michael Estabrook

Euginia Tan

Matthew Sradeja

Ali Znaidi

Lucinda L. Flanary

R.T. Castleberry

Kara Lyon

Austin McCarron

John Sibley Williams

Ross Liskov

Eszter Takacs

Bekah Steimel

J de Salvo

Joshua Bocher

Brenton Booth

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Marc Swan

Barbara P. Campbell

Amelia Cohen-Levy

Hisham Nazer

Marchell Dyon

Mark Mizrahi

George Korolog

Camille Thigpen

Michael Grover

Bud Smith

Dan Hedges

Jonathan Gibbs

Rose Mary Boehm

Alex Nodopaka

Seth Elkins

Chuck Richardson


 Full Of Crow Poetry is published online in January, October, April, and July. We will be featuring individual poets on our facebook page soon, so please look for those posts and either become our friend or subscribe. www.facebook.com/fullofcrow. We also post about events and projects, and have a blog here. 


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